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About Me

Mom of two(20 years apart...I know right?!), wife, creator and student of life. My life has been filled with art and design; sewing, sculpture, floral design, fashion merchandising, creating and crafting. I was laid off from a corporate job in the midst of maternity leave and the pandemic. I started exploring my creative side again to heal and work through my loss. Not long and I was fulfilling custom orders for friends, family, boutiques and amazing people that I have never met(but many have become like friends). I have been just about every size(always fluctuating), dabbled in every style and voted "most likely to start a fashion trend" in a high school superlative(that last one is to make you laugh, but it's real....ha ha!). 

314 Handcrafted is place for everyone. Let me say it again...314 Handcrafted is a place for EVERYONE. I strive to offer inclusive sizing, curated boutique collections, handmade items(mine and other amazing makers), inclusive thinking & kindness. Themes and styles vary to reflect your many different sides and individuality. Be bold, or not....but always be authentic and unapologetically YOU! 

LBGTQ+ Friendly! Anti-Racist! Anti-Asshole!